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We're a simple site with a simple idea, to help horny men and women over to find sex in their local area. W ehave a huge community of adults looking for quick no strings sex, swingers, doggers, lonely housewives and single Mums (like myself) - we all wanna have sex and for me when I want it I want it like now! To not sound to naughty and lude but honesltly speaking when I get horny I just want someone to be banging me really hard and pinching my nipples while they say nasty things in my ear! I know it sounds naughty but hey, I'm a 36 year old single Mum and when I get horny, my breathing gets shallow and you know my pussy gets wet and starts to pulse, I want filthy, hard sex and I want it as fast as I can get it!

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We all know what it's like to be single and not get any sex, it can be tough. I can tell you from a female perspective that getting horny is incredibly frustrating for us, for me personally if I go just a few days with no sex I start to be come ultra aware of my sexual self, I get ravenously hungry and want something inside me - and no, sex toys and masturbation don't work they only make me want sex more! Of course I do masturbate like guys but this only intensifies my desire for sex and I'm left so frustrated I can't on anything else, words like wet, moist, tight, fuck, hard, lick, suck etc keep popping up my head along with an intense yearning that come from between my navel and my pussy, the only way I can satisfy myself is companionship, I want to touch someone and be touched, I want someone inside me, banging me hard, I want to smell and taste the sex!

I'm sure other women in my situation can understand where I'm coming from when I say that I get so horny it's like my pussy is engorged, like it is trying to lock in on a target and the only thing that will make me happy is a real lover and that's why I started WannaHavSex.co.uk to make it easy for men and women like myself who get highly sexually frustrated to find like minded sex contacts, real fucking buddies who they can turn to when they get the desire. Now, whenever I get horny I just login to the site and browse through thousands of nude photos get the number of a sex contact and give them a ring to arrange a meet.

In the past I have had thatfeeling of emptiness/wanting I have had to leave my house in search of sex, sometime I find it and sometimes I havent now with WannaHaveSex.co.uk it's pretty much a sure thing that there's someone local who's feeling the same way and is desperate for quick, hard, filthy sex. There's always something going on whether it's a dogging meet on a local car park, a sex party or even a couple seeking a threesome. If you wanna have no strings sex with a horny milf or a sexy dilf or even a mature gilf then please take a few minutes and join our massive community of sex contacts, swingers, doggers and fuck buddies. We all have get the overwhelming desire for sex so let's that desire satisfied!

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